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Shaun and Amita fell in love with the idea of a Kalaloch Lodge Elopement over coffee one day and a photograph that they found of a well know tree near Kalaloch Lodge. Both being from out of state and both loving adventure they knew that a Kalaloch Lodge Elopement was definitely where they would love to say their vows to one another while celebrating their time here in the Pacific Northwest.

Shaun is from Florida and Amita is from California. Shaun told me that they chose Kalaloch because he fell in love with this photo that he came across one day online of the “Tree of Life” The “Tree of Life” is also known as the “tree root cave” features a tree like no other. Still breathing while its roots travel to nowhere. Erosion, having taken away its life supply, has not stopped the tree from thriving on the coast and leaving people speechless from a sight that has never been seen before.

How is the top so green? How has it not gone on to that big tree place in the sky? How has another tree not taken over like it so often happens in the tree circle of life? These questions have been asked so many times with no one really knowing how it keeps on going. So it became known to some as the tree of life.

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  • Megan Montalvo - Casey! You have such talent! What an amazing elopement and beautiful couple. Ruby beach and the tree of life made such a gorgeous backdrop! 🙂 

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